Zhāng Tàiyán (張 太炎, Chō Taien) (c.v. Hochu Otsuka)

The Number Two Boss of the Honghua Hui and a Hokuto Soka Ken practitioner. He is also guarded by a group of monks called Wuchamen-Dang. Although appearing rather laid back, he can be destructive when angered and his attacks are based on cutting and slicing with his hands. Has a monstrous libido (a frequent visitor to the red-light district) and is known as the "Bride Thief" because of his habit of killing newlywed husbands and taking their wives. He assassinated Charles de Guise's sister with a time-bomb. Due to a misunderstanding, he believed his stepfather Zhang Dayan killed his mother and yearns to kill him for it. Later on, after learning the truth, he repented all his past sins with de Guise agreeing not to seek revenge for the time being (making a X-shaped scar on his face). He eventually became the new successor of Hokuto Soka Ken after a showdown fight with Dàyán and earned his father's approval.