Zarji, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ザルジ
Name in Romaji Zaruji
Fighting Style Sickle
Allegiance(s) Jako
Position(s) Keeper of the Hokuto grave
Appearances Anime (ep. 110, 112)
Voice actor(s) Kazuo Oka
Zarji (ザルジ, Zaruji)
Appearing in the TV series, Zarji is one of the gravekeepers of the Hokuto grave. He and Zorba guard Kenshiro's gravestone, murdering anyone who investigates his "death". They ambush Joe and kill his two comrades but allow Joe to escape and spread word that Hokuto has perished. Zarji and Zorba try to ambush another stranger, who turns out to be Kenshiro. They do not survive.