Yuka Nagate (ながてゆか) is a mangaka who created Shirogane no Seija: Toki Gaiden. She was born July 16. In Kasugai, Aichi and raised in Chiba prefecture. From 2003 to 2006 she taught manga art to students in New York City [1] , until she was unable to attain a visa[2] and had to leave the United States. In 2007 she landed her job with Comic Bunch as the mangaka for Toki Gaiden. Around December of 2009, Nagate had come back to New York for a short vacation, and also for working business as well.

She had visit a a non-profit organization, that one of her student/friend was involve in. She was holding a Manga class, Nagate spoke to her friend's student and told them to how improve manga drawing and writing In 2009.

After writing Chōjū Gitan (蝶獣戯譚), she teamed up with Buronson in 2012 to create Silencer.

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