Tou (manga)
Tou, as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji トウ
Name in Romaji
Alternate spelling(s) To, Toh, Too, Tow
Allegiance(s) Last Nanto General
Family Rihaku (father)
Position(s) Yuria's servant and decoy
Appearances Manga (ch. 115-122), Anime (ep. 83-100), Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu and others.
Voice actor(s) Mika Doi
Yuko Kaida (Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu)
Tou (トウ, )
The daughter of Rihaku and handmaiden of the Last Nanto General. When Raoh storms the Nanto Capital, Tou poses as Yuria to protect her from his rampage and aid her escape with Kenshiro. After Raoh sees through the ploy, Tou declares her love for him but realizes that Raoh has fallen for Yuria's Jibosei (Merciful Mother Star), since he had no mother of his own.
Accepting that her feelings will forever go unrequited, Tou steals a knife from Raoh's belt and turns the blade on herself, hoping this will cause her memory to live on in Raoh's heart. After her death, Raoh curses her foolishness, claiming that if she really loved him she should've tried to take his life to prevent anyone else having him.

TV seriesEdit

In the anime, she is given a slightly expanded role. We learn that Tou was first enamored with Raoh at a young age when he saved her from a pack of savage wolves. She pursued Raoh and tried to comfort him after he'd been badly beaten by Ryuken in a sparring match, but Raoh rebuffed her as he was already in love with Yuria. Tou's heartbreak continued in another flashback when she witnessed Raoh trying to claim Yuria for himself before Toki intervened.
Tou is also the one who helps capture Juza for the Last Nanto General by infiltrating his hideout as a serving girl and spiking the enamored Juza's drink. Juza remarks that it was a dirty trick.

Other Edit

  • Toh is a major character in DD Hokuto no Ken where she appears much chubbier then the original.


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