Tōda, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji トウダ
Name in Romaji Tōda
Alternate spelling(s) Tohda
Fighting Style Nanto Ressha Hō
Position(s) Member of KING
Appearances Anime (ep. 20)
Voice actor(s) Banjō Ginga
Toda (トウダ, Tōda)
Appearing in the TV series only. Tōda was a member of KING who tried to keep Kenshiro from reaching Southern Cross by using a Kürze Bruno Railway Gun called the Nanto Ressha Hō (南斗列車砲). On the way to Southern Cross, Tōda ambushes Kenshiro and kills Jennifer who tries to distract him. He then lures his adversary to his renovated battleship fortress. Kenshiro corners Tōda inside the battleship and hits a vital point making him split in half.
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