Toby, as he appears in Yuria Den.
Name in Kanji トビー
Name in Romaji Tobii
Allegiance(s) Yuria
Position(s) Yuria's pet dog
Appearances Yuria Den
Voice actor(s) Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
Toby (トビー, Tobii)
Yuria's pet bull terrier who appears in Yuria Den. He was found abandoned as a puppy at the doorsteps of Ryuken's temple when Yuria was a child.
He accompanies Yuria to Southern Cross when she is kidnapped by Shin. Yuria entrusts her pendant to Toby before her attempted suicide, hoping he will take it to Kenshiro. Toby completes this task shortly after Ken defeats Souther, and leaves to find his resting place having fulfilled his destiny. Yuria proclaims that he bore the "Star of Loyalty" (忠義の星, Chūgi no Hoshi).