Tenshō Honretsu
Tenshō Honretsu (Raoh) manga

(てん) (しょう) (ほん)

Kanji 天将奔烈
Romaji Tenshō Honretsu
English Heaven's Command Charge
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Gō no Ken style

Tenshō Honretsu  (天将奔烈, Heaven's Command Charge)

Raoh's ultimate attack. A powerful rotating hand charge which fires a large wave of tōki at the enemy. Kenshiro would later go on to use the technique in his match against the Rasho Han, upon which Han remarks that he recognizes it as Raoh's technique.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Raoh performs this against Kenshirō in volume 14, chapter 125, titled "Destiny's Trap!" (運命の罠!, Unmei no Wana!)
Kenshiro performs this against Han, in volume 20, chapter 176, titled "The Legend of Raoh Continues!"