Taruga AV
Name in Kanji タルガ
Name in Romaji Taruga
Alternate spelling(s) Targa
Fighting Style Taijutsu, Guns
Allegiance(s) Army of Ruin
Family Unnamed father
Position(s) Lieutenant of the Army of Ruin
Appearances Hokuto Ga Gotoku
Voice actor(s) Yuichi Nakamura
Mick Wingert (English dub)

Taruga (タルガ) is the Lieutenant of the Army of Ruin and right hand of Kyo-Oh, but in reality, conspired against his master to gain control of the nuclear missiles within Sphere City.


Taruga is the Lieutenant of Kyo-Oh, Taruga contribute in many of Kyo-Oh's raiding, he wanted to open the gates by tracing down Nadai but had to wait. During a raid at Sphere City, he'll meet the man of hokuto which he'll try to form plans to kill him but ultimately fails.

Fighting StyleEdit

Taruga uses a unidentified Style to boost his speed & agility, he also uses it to infuse it with his bullets during fights.


  • Danmatsuma: "Hidebu!"
  • Taruga fights Kenshiro in total of 3 times which he out numbers Nadai by 1 fight.


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