Toki no Aura (Raoh) manga
Kanji (とう)()
Romaji Tōki
English Fighting Spirit
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Hokuto Sanka Ken, Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Suichō Ken style, Gento Kō Ken, several others.

Tōki (闘気, Fighting Spirit) is a special type of ki energy used in several martial arts, including Hokuto Shin Ken, Hokuto Sanka Ken, Nanto Sei Ken and Gento Kō Ken. It can be used to launch ki-based attacks that strike targets (even precise ones, like the Keiraku Hiko) at long range, or to defend the user from attack.

An expert user can often radiate tōki from his own body as a Fighting Spirit Aura (Tōki no Aura) whilst focusing it for attacks. Tōki also manifests in the form of mirages, such as a barrage of fists, as demonstrated by Raoh, or a hail of swords, as demonstrated by Rofu.

Hokuto Ryū Ken's counterpart called Matōki no Aura (魔闘気のオーラ, Demonic Fighting Spirit Aura) can drive the practitioner insane with evil, turning them into a Majin (魔神, God of Black Magic).

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Trivia Edit

  • When Kenshiro unleashes his Fighting Spirit, it almost always disintegrates his shirt and jacket, in a running theme which is sometimes parodied online.
  • In the manga, tōki is invisible, except in panels with black backgrounds. In the anime series, it is visible and has different colors depending on the user (Kenshiro - blue, Jagi - purple, Raoh - red, etc).
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