Shura Nindō (修羅忍道, "Asura Ninjutsu") - A style of ninjutsu used Shuras, most famously the Nameless Asura. The Asura displays a variety of techniques involving the use of its environment.


Dokugumo Shutō

Dokugumo Shutō (毒蜘蛛手刃, Venomous Spider Hand Blade): The first half of the Asura's aerial attack. The user concentrates and puts all of his weight into a single hand.

Hama Sunagumo!

Hama Sunagumo (破魔砂蜘蛛, Destructive Demon Sand Spider): The Asura lies on the ground like a spider and begins to camouflage itself under the earth's layer. This is the technique which earned the Nameless Asura's popular nickname, Sunagumo.

Meppa Yōga!

Meppa Yōga (滅把妖牙, Destroy Grasp Bewitching Fang): The second half of the Asura's aerial attack, in which the Asura uses a flesh-piercing attack with his hand.

Ninkon Yōhajin

Ninkon Yōhajin (忍棍妖破陣, Ninja Pole Bewitching Destruction Formation): A series of strikes involving two large poles.

Senju Maha1

Senju Maha (千手魔破, Thousand Hand Demon Destruction): The user throws a set of shuriken to the desert ground, which they will emerge again near the target.

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