In 2005, North Stars Pictures and TMS Entertainment announced the production of a planned five part Hokuto no Ken film series titled Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu (真救世主伝説, "True Saviour Legend").[1] The films are both, remakes of and supplemental stories to the original manga series, and introduces a new supporting character in the form of Reina (whose character designs were contributed by City Hunter's Tsukasa Hojo). The film series is composed of three feature films and two OVA movies released between them. The films use a different cast of seiyu than the older anime series, with Hiroshi Abe (Kenshiro), Takashi Ukaji (Raoh), Kou Shibasaki (Reina) and Yuriko Ishida (Yuria) in the lead roles. The new movies have yet to be licensed for an English adaptation, although Italian and French versions have already been released.


  1. The Legend of Raoh: Martyred Love Arc (ラオウ伝 殉愛の章, Raō Den Jun'ai no Shō) - Theatrical film released on March 11, 2006. A retelling of Kenshirō's battle against Souther, with a sub-plot involving Raoh and Reina.
  2. The Legend of Yuria (ユリア伝, Yuria Den) - OVA released on February 23, 2007. The story of this OVA centers around Yuria and how she became the Last Nanto General.
  3. The Legend of Raoh: Fierce Fighting Arc (ラオウ伝 激闘の章, Raō Den Gekitō no Shō) - Theatrical film released on April 28, 2007. A retelling of Kenshirō's final battle with Raoh. The theatrical release of the movie was promoted by a mock funeral for Raoh.
  4. The Legend of Toki (トキ伝, Toki Den) - OVA released on March 26, 2008. Centers around the character Toki.
  5. Zero: The Legend of Kenshirō (ケンシロウ伝, Kenshirō Den) - Released October 2008 as a theatrical movie. A prequel to the manga's storyline which shows how Kenshiro's struggles after his defeat at the hands of Shin.


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