Shigeru Chiba (千葉 繁, Chiba Shigeru) is a veteran Japanese voice actor. He was born as Masaharu Maeda (前田正治, Maeda Masaharu) on February 4, 1954 in Kikuchi, Kumamoto, Japan. He started out working as a stunt man and even appeared in two Nikkatsu Roman Porno exploitation films, Bathhouse 911: Jellyfish Bliss and Koichiro Uno's Wet and Open before focusing on being a voice actor. He is now employed by the talent management firm 81 Produce and also works as a sound director.

He usually plays manic or sneaky characters. Some of his better known roles are Kuwabara from Yuyu Hakusho, Urusei Yatsura's Megane, and Pilaf & Raditz from Dragon Ball.

In addition to the roles listed below, he played many thugs, old men, and other no-name minor characters.

A notorious ad-libber, Chiba gave the ill-fated chicken farmer character an Osaka dialect. He wasn't allowed to adlib his own name as a danmatsuma the way Takeshi Watabe had done (as "Chiibwah!"), but he finally did so in the movie Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchu Keiji Gavan: The Movie

Banjo Ginga did the initial "199X" prologue narration in the first episode, and in the early episodes, the "Next Episode" narration was handled by the actor that played the villain of the week. Chiba did these off and on, but became the permanent narrator starting with episode 20. By the time of Hokuto no Ken 2, he was announcing the previews in a Kabuki style.

Hokuto no Ken (TV anime)Edit

  • Narrator (eps 5,8-10,12,16-17,20-109)
  • Joker (eps 4-21)
  • Fake Toki (ep 42)
  • Seeker (ep 44)
  • Komaku (eps 54-56)
  • Beji (ep 62)
  • Hunter (ep 71)
  • Recruiter (ep 84)
  • Chicken Farmer (ep 88)
  • Hegu (ep 89)
  • Usa (ep 102)

Hokuto no Ken 2Edit

Hokuto no Ken (anime movie)Edit

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no KenEdit

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