Ryuroh as he appears in Ten no Haoh'
Name in Kanji リュウロウ
Name in Romaji Ryūrō
Alternate spelling(s) Ryuro, Ryurou
Fighting Style Nanto Ryūō Ken
Allegiance(s) Kenshiro
Family none known
Position(s) Ascetic
Appearances Ten no Haoh, Rei Gaiden
Voice actor(s) Junichi Suwabe
Ryuroh (リュウロウ, Ryūrō)
Appearing in Ten no Haoh, Ryuroh is master of Nanto Ryūō Ken and was once known as the "Resourceful Nanto General" (南斗の智将 Nanto no Chishō) because of his reputation as a master tactician. After the fighting broke out, he refused to join Souther's army and retreated to live an ascetic life tending windmills in Wind Village, taking the title Ryuroh of the Forest (森のリュウロウ, Mori no Ryūrō).
Raoh wishes to recruit him for his conquest but Ryuroh refuses, pledging his allegiance to Kenshiro in his fight to protect the innocent. He implores Raoh to put aside his ambition and join forces with Kenshiro for the greater good. Failing to reason with him, Ryuroh is forced to fight but he is unable to land the finishing blow, and Raoh, in turn, defeats him. Shortly before his death, it's revealed that Ryuroh was already dying from illness.

Rei GaidenEdit

Ryuroh makes a short cameo in Rei Gaiden during the summit of the Nanto Roku Sei Ken, effectively replacing Shu, who is absent due to his conflict with Souther.


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