Ryu (manga)
Ryu, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji リュウ
Name in Romaji Ryū
Allegiance(s) Kenshirō
Family Ryuou (ancestor)
Hahaja (unnamed grandmother)
Raoh (father)
Kaioh (uncle)
Toki (uncle)
Sayaka (aunt)
Kenshirō (adoptive uncle)
Balga (foster father)
Hakuri (guardian)
Mrs. Hakuri (guardian)
Riseki (guardian)
Position(s) Orphan
Appearances Manga (ch. 211-237), Shin Hokuto no Ken, Ten no Haoh.
Voice actor(s) Akiko Yajima (DD)
Ryu (リュウ, Ryū)
The orphaned son of Raoh. He was raised by Hakuri and his wife after Raoh's death. At a young age, he already shows his wit and bravery and possesses his father's eyes. When the Hakuris are killed by Kōketsu's men, Kenshiro becomes his personal mentor in order to help him avenge his adoptive parents. After Kōketsu is defeated, he accompanies Kenshiro to the kingdoms of Sava and Blanca, helping Ken in his many ordeals. Having witnessed the sorrows of the likes of Asam and Baran, Kenshiro leaves Ryu under the care of Balga, promising to meet him again when the time comes to decide the next Hokuto Shin Ken successor.

In other media

  • In Shin Hokuto no Ken, Ryu is depicted in a brief flashback montage with dialogue taken from Kenshiro's farewell note to him. Ryu is unvoiced in this anime.
  • In the Famicom game Hokuto no Ken 4, the adult version of Ryu (who now resembles his late father) appears as a member of the player's party. The Hero first meets Ryu in a warehouse north of Ribushōki (the hometown of the late Shōki) chasing after a group of bandits (led by the Gento Ryū Ken practitioner Furaji) who have stolen the key to the cemetery where Yuria's grave is located. When the Hero is later defeated by the Makōtei, Ryu takes him to the Hokuto Renkitōza and challenges him for the Hokuto Shin Ken succession. In reality, he has no intention of becoming the next successor and he initiates the battle simply to teach the Hero his father's secret technique of Tensho Honretsu. He then renounces the Hokuto Shin Ken style by cutting off his own tendons.
  • Ryu makes an appearance in Episode 8 of the anime DD Hokuto no Ken 2 + Ichigo Aji, where he is portrayed as a (self-proclaimed) boy detective who investigates Ryuken's (apparent) murder. He is very hostile towards Raoh and Toki, but has a strong admiration towards Kenshiro. He is voiced by Akiko Yajima.


  • Despite several possible theories in both the original manga and spin-off material, Ryu's mother remains unconfirmed.
  • He is the 65th Hokuto Shinken successor.


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