Pel, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ペル
Name in Romaji Peru
Alternate spelling(s) Peru, Pell, Bell
Allegiance(s) Lin
Position(s) Lin's puppy
Appearances Anime (ep. 1-64, 70)
Pel (ペル, Peru)
Pel is Lin's beloved puppy, who appears only in the anime TV series. He follows Lin after she leaves her home village, only to be captured by KING's men and taken to the village of Dorado, where they are saved by Bat and Kenshiro. Pel follows the trio in their journey and he even helps out Bat, Rei and Mamiya when Lin is lost wandering the desert.
Pel disappears after episode 64 without any explanation, only to make one last cameo during episode 70 before being phased out of the show. In the series finale, Pel cameos in a crowd scene, held by an Amiba look alike.