Pān Yùlíng (潘 玉玲, Han Gyokurei) (c.v. Aya HisakawaYumi Toma)

Pan Guanglin's sister and Kenshiro Kasumi's girlfriend (and later, wife). She first met Kenshirō after he was badly beaten and she nursed him back to health. She also appears to be some sort of Christian. Her adopted father promised her to Mang Kuangyun as payment. However, Yùlíng was already in love with Kenshiro, and a jealous Kuángyún erased her memory and left her with a nomadic warlord in Northern China (Hebei). She became the horse bandit leader Lǐ Xiùbǎo (traditional Chinese: 李秀寶; Japanese: 李秀宝; rōmaji: Ri Shūhō), fighting small guerilla battles against the Imperial Japanese Army, gaining a sense of hatred against the Japanese. She also learned some Praying Mantis martial arts. Yùlíng eventually regains her memories in Shanghai after meeting Kenshiro again and marries him soon after. After a failed assassination attempts leaves Guānglín crippled, she succeeds her brother as leader of the Qing Bang.


  • Her Chinese name sounds similar to "Yuria", fiancée to Kenshiro, the 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken. This similarity is also marked by their maternal tendencies and brief disappearance from their loved ones.
  • It is mentioned that the nomadic tribe she fights with was once the standing army for Manchuria's historical general Zhang Zuolin.
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