Pān Guānglín (潘 光琳, Han Kōrin) (c.v. Masaki Terasoma → Atsuki Tani)

Called the "Tiger of Shanghai" he is the leader of the Qing Bang and brother of Pan Yuling, he was also a close friend of Kenshiro Kasumi. While Kenshiro was away from Shanghai, his Triad gang members were killed one by one. He was tortured for a period of time by Wu Donglai, losing his feet from flesh-eating rats, because Wú desired Guānglín's girlfriend Yang Meiyu. Kenshiro saved his life by amputating his already poisoned feet. He walked with two prosthetic iron feet. However, after a failed assassination attempt, he was crippled and confined to a wheelchair and Yuling took over as Qing Bang leader.
In the Souten no Ken Re:Genesis anime adaptation, he does not survive the assassination.

Pan in the anime


Pan in the time when he was Wú Dōnglái's prisioner

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