Ōgai, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji オウガイ
Name in Romaji Ōgai
Alternate spelling(s) Ougai, Ohgai, Ogai
Fighting Style Nanto Hōō Ken
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Souther (adoptive son and successor)
Position(s) Souther's sifu
Appearances Manga (ch. 94), Anime (ep. 67-68)
Voice actor(s) Masanobu Ōkubo
Hisao Egawa (Shin Hokuto Musou)
Ōgai (オウガイ)
Souther's sifu and adoptive father, who taught him Nanto Hōō Ken. Souther was committed to his training, if only to bask in his master's warmth and pride. When Souther came of age, he was given the final trial of his training. He would have to defeat an unseen enemy whilst wearing a blindfold. Souther was successful, but to his horror discovered the fallen foe was Ōgai himself. With his last breaths, Ōgai told Souther this was the fate of Nanto Hō-Ō Ken: The young must replace the old.
Ōgai's death traumatized young Souther, making him bitter and twisted. After the apocalypse, Souther builds a pyramid from the blood, sweat and tears of his young slaves, where he planned to bury Ōgai's mummified remains along with the last of his emotions. When Kenshiro defeats Souther, the Holy Emperor accepts his fate and spends his final moments embracing Ōgai before his death.


  • In the original manga, Souther calls Ōgai "O-Shi san" (さん Honorable Master). For political correctness, the TV anime had to change this to "Ōgai Sensei" to not confuse the homophone oshi (), an old term for the deaf.


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