Nanto Hakuro Ken  (南斗白鷺拳, South Dipper Little Egret Fist): a form of Nanto Seiken represented by its successor, Shuu, as part of the Nanto Rokusei Ken (Six Sacred Fists of Nanto). This versatile style focuses on kicking techniques and is equally adept at destroying enemies with open hand attacks. Despite his blindness, Shuu uses this style by seeing with his heart.


㊙ = An "Ōgi" (奥義 secret) technique.

Hakuro Senku Kyaku (白鷺旋空脚, Snowy Heron Spiral Kick) - Shin Hokuto Muso original technique. Shū moves forward while doing circular spin kicks with his right leg.
Moshu Hadan Geki (猛襲破断撃, Savage Shattering Kick) - Shin Hokuto Muso original technique. Shū does a fierce jumping spin kick that releases a slash of energy that cuts enemies.

Rekkyaku Kūbu

Rekkyaku Kūbu (烈脚空舞, Air Dance of the Fierce Feet) - Shū's primary technique. A rapid spinning kick.

Rekkyaku Zanjin

Rekkyaku Zanjin (烈脚斬陣, Beheading Formation of the Fierce Feet) - A spinning kick which beheads all of the surrounding enemies.

Shoukyuu Houdan (翔穹鵬弾, Soaring Aura Blast) - Shin Hokuto Muso original technique. Shū creates a ball of energy then does a soccer kick, separating it to hit multiple targets.

Yūgen Shō

Yūgen Shō (誘幻掌, Alluring Illusion Palm): An illusionary move used to mystify opponents. In the film, Raō Den: Jun'ai no Shō, Shū is seen striking Kenshiro with a series of multiple images in a redo of the flashback scene (whereas in the original, the move is a series of jabbing stabs).

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