Nadai AV


Name in Kanji ナダイ
Name in Romaji Nadai
Fighting Style Meito Kieiken
Allegiance(s) Eden
Army of Ruin
Family Kisana (daughter)
Unnamed wife
Position(s) The Hero of Eden
Commander of the Army of Ruin
Appearances Hokuto Ga Gotoku
Voice actor(s) Masato Obara
Christopher Bevins (Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise dub)

Nadai (ナダイ) is the successor of the Meito Kieiken style and founder of Eden. He discovered Sphere City while traveling alongside Raoh. He achieved frequent feats in his lifetime, building up Eden in a single generation, putting together the walls and establishing the city garrison.

He was believed to be dead, when he in fact survived and assumed the title of Kyo-Oh (凶王 King of Ruin). As Kyo-Oh, Nadai built the Army of Ruin so that under his command, he could minimize the impact local bandits and vandals had on Eden while keeping its secrets hidden.


Nadai is allied with Raoh the Ken-Oh. Together they found Sphere City, an untouched military base filled with supplies and nuclear warheads. Raoh trusted Nidai to build the city of Eden around Sphere City to make sure a second nuclear apocalypse doesn't happen. Nidai later uses Sphere City to try and save his wife's life, however, this began the countdown which would lead to all the nukes being launched. To prevent this, he killed his wife to stop the nukes from being launched, however, his daughter, Kisana saw it and tried to kill him. Nidai survived and took the identity of Kyo-Oh; forming the Army of Ruin in order to protect Eden and prevent anyone from finding out what the secret of Sphere City is.

Fighting StyleEdit

As a master of secret Meito Kieiken style, Nadai boasts extraordinary fighting power. He uses the hidden vital points to manipulate the body's natural electrical system. This style has a variety of uses, including paralyzing opponents, mind control, and powering himself up. Nadai is also able to use this ability to generate vast amounts of electricity from his own body, allowing him to power or override mechanical devices.



  • Nadai was able to fight on-par with Kenshiro after he had defeated Raoh, making him one of the strongest opponents Ken has faced in the series.
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