Myu (manga)
Myū, as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ミュウ
Name in Romaji Myū
Alternate spelling(s) Myuu
Allegiance(s) Falco
Family Falco (commonlaw husband)
Misshu (son)
Position(s) Falco's wife
Appearances Manga (ch. 152-161), Anime (ep. 118-124)
Voice actor(s) Kuniko Koguchi
Myū (ミュウ)
The lover of Falco. She becomes Jakou's concubine in order to earn his trust and learn the whereabouts of the Tentei. Myu volunteers to take Falco's remote detonator for the Imperial Capital should he lose his upcoming fight with Kenshiro. However, she and Saiya are both exposed as spies and flogged by Jask, who discovers the detonator and takes it. Before Jask can beat the two of them to death they are saved by Ein.
During Falco's last moments on Shura, he learns that his Gento Koken legacy will live on, for Myu carries his child (Misshu in the video game continuity).


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