Musō Tensei
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Kanji 無想転生
Romaji Musō Tensei
English Nil-Thought Rebirth
Enlightened Transmigration (Legends of the Dark King)
Unconscious Transmigration of Souls (Ken's Rage, Ken's Rage 2)
Subconscious Transmigration of Souls (Lost Paradise, Legends ReVIVE)
School Hokuto Shin Ken

Musō Tensei  (無想転生, Literally meaning: Nil-Thought Rebirth) The ultimate secret technique of Hokuto Shin Ken. It is said that only one who embraces the true nature of sorrow can awaken its power. Kenshiro was the first man in Hokuto Shinken's 1800 year history to master Musō Tensei during the epic struggles against his friends and great rivals. Musō Tensei allows the user to achieve a state of "nothingness", impervious to attacks, and commune with the souls of fallen rivals (Toki, Ryūga, the Nanto Roku Seiken and later Raoh) in order to use their techniques.

Raoh also learned Musō Tensei when his feelings for Yuria unlocked the profound sadness within his heart.
Kenshiro Kasumi was rumored to know this technique
Kaioh was able to disorientate Kenshiro with the distortional nature of his ultimate technique Anryu Tenha. Suffering the space sickness, Kenshiro lost control of the Musō Tensei, also Kaioh absorbed Kenshiro's Ki with his demonic aura (Matōki), weakening his attacks and ultimately defeating him. Kenshirō mastered the Hokuto Ryuuken after this fight and learned the secrets of Hokuto Sōke, perfecting the Hokuto Shinken in his complete form. Kaioh's technique not being a rival anymore, Kenshiro was able to counter its effects.

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Original Manga
Kenshiro performs this against Raoh in volume 14, chapter 124, titled "A Stream of Blood!" (血の奔流!, Chi no Honryuu!)
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