Saigo no sho

Yuria, wearing the Last Nanto General's armor.

Last Nanto General (南斗六聖拳最後の将, Nanto Rokusei Ken Saigo no Shō)
The Last Nanto General is the title reserved for the sixth and final member of the Nanto Rokusei Ken. When the Nanto stars fall into discord, Hokuto appears to bring order to the chaos. It is the role of the Last Nanto General to unite with Hokuto towards this goal.
The identity of the General is revealed to be the assumed deceased Yuria, Kenshiro's fiancée, and a descendant of the Rightful Nanto Bloodline (南斗正統血統, Nanto Seitō Kettō). Born under the Merciful Mother Star, Yuria's empathic abilities heal the hearts of men and unites the people under her banner. With no fighting abilities to speak of, the Last Nanto General is protected by an order of guardians known as the Nanto Goshasei, whose lives are sworn to defend the General at all costs.
In the OVA Yuria Den, Yuria also possesses precognitive powers, named the Voice of the Heavens (天の声, Ten no koe), which allow her to shape the destinies of several characters in the story. We are also introduced to Yuria's predecessor, Dharma, who was once Yuria's adoptive guardian before becoming the Last Nanto General. After passing the mantle to Yuria, he dies of a similar illness that would later take Yuria.
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