Kyokujuji Sei Ken

Kyokujūji Sei Ken's symbol

Kyokujuji Seiken (極十字聖拳, Southern Cross Sacred Fist), an offshoot of Hokuto Ryūka Ken. A relatively new style compared to the Hokuto styles created by Wei Ruiying. Its astrological symbol is the constellation of the Southern Cross and uses stabbing techniques to destroy the body externally, similar to Nanto Seiken. According to the Taoist,

"The Southern Cross constellation is pitiful for only the Big Dipper points to The Lord of the Sky, the North Star. The area around the Southern Cross is empty... it has nothing but pitch darkness. The Southern Cross keeps revolving alone in the darkness looking for something to protect. A wandering constellation..."

Techniques Edit

Biao Baifeng's style Edit

Dark Sky Claw Dance (瞑空爪舞, Meikū Sō Bu)
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Liu Feiyan's style Edit

Dance Fissure Claw Destruction Bullet (舞裂爪破弾, Buretsu Sōha Dan)
Swallow Dance Beheading (燕舞斬, Enbu Zan)
Way of the Thousand-Armed Arath (千手羅行, Senju Ragyo)
Death Bird Blood Stripe Beheading (死鳥血条斬, Shichō Ketsujō Zan)

Wei Ruiying's style Edit

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