Hokuto Renkitōza
Kogure, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji コグレ
Name in Romaji Kogure
Fighting Style Taizan-ryū Shisoku Ken
Position(s) Bandit leader
Appearances Anime (ep. 88)
Voice actor(s) Masaharu Satō

Kogure (コグレ) is an anime-only villain featured in the Hokuto no Ken TV series.

TV Series[]

He was the leader of a bandit gang who robbed and killed a chicken farmer who had befriended Kenshiro. When Kenshiro pursued them for revenge, Kogure took the chance to defeat him and be recruited into Ken-Oh's army.

Kogure and his three lackeys (Guzuri, Jira and Naburi) surprised Kenshiro with their Taizan-ryū Shisoku Ken style. Kenshiro figures out that Kogure is the one coordinating their attacks, and uses the Keisetsu (頚接) point to immobilize their ringleader. He then defeats the remaining trio by having them perish with Kogure in a death embrace.


  • Kogure's name and appearance seems to be based on Japanese heavy metal musician Demon Kogure, the frontman of the band Seikima-II.