KING gang

Shin leads the KING gang during the early days of his reign.

The King (キング, Kingu, usually spelled KING in all capital letters) organization, also known as the Kingsmen, is the dictatorship formed by Shin, who also took the gang's name as his title. The gang's base of operations was the city of Southern Cross, which was also a symbol of Shin's affection for Yuria, and from here his army controlled the former Kantō region. His rule was an oppressive regime which enslaved men, women and children, and branded them with Shin's emblem, the "Bloody Cross". Villages would also be raided and plundered by Shin, in order to gather tributes to Yuria, which were scornfully rejected.

King's forces were commanded by four lieutenants Spade, Diamond, Club and Heart (each named after a playing card suit) and their gang of thugs.

Television seriesEdit

To extend the first arc of the TV series, the King organization was expanded from its manga counterpart. We are introduced to Balcom, the General of Shin's army, and Joker, Shin's informant and right-hand man. Furthermore, villains from the manga such as Zeed, the Golan organization (renamed God Army in the series), as well as Jackal's gang (the Warriors), were rewritten as subordinate organizations of King. Shin also boasts a large military arsenal at his disposal.

Towards the end of the first arc, Balcom took advantage of the unrest in Shin's army and launched a mutiny. However, this was thwarted single-handedly by Shin, who defeated Balcom but couldn't prevent the rebels destroying Southern Cross. After the city's destruction, only a small private guard remained by Shin's side.

Other minions for the series include:

  • Dragon
  • Patra
  • Dante
  • Zaria
  • Junk (Leader of the Snakes)
  • Baron (Leader of the Scorpions)
  • Wolf (Commander of the Demolition Corps)
  • Gorath (Commander of the Thunder Corps)
  • Garekki (Commander of the Gold Wolf Corps)
  • Mahari (Commander of the Black Bird Corps)
  • Hydra (Commander of the Armed Buggy Division)
  • Tōda (Chief Engineer of the Nanto Train Cannon)
  • Nariman

Hokuto no Ken (1986 movie)Edit

Shin and the King organization also appears in the movie, with its only other named member being the Colonel, who served as the security chief of Southern Cross. Southern Cross was invaded by Raoh, and its army was destroyed. Shin himself was subsequently defeated by Raoh as well and is left with a mortal wound that kept him alive just long enough for him to fight Kenshiro one last time.

Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Yuria DenEdit

In this side-story, the King organization becomes engaged in a war with Raoh and his army, who invade Southern Cross. Shin's army is defeated and forced to surrender. Shin, however, is spared by Raoh, who decides it would be more fitting for Kenshiro to defeat him.


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