Kenpō Goroshi (拳法殺し, The Destroyer of Fists); the name of Heart's anti-martial arts style. This style involves a huge frame that can absorb external impacts and defeat different types of martial arts in this manner. It was said only Nanto Seiken was capable of destroying Heart by slicing through flesh and bone. This was until Kenshiro used Hokuto Jūha Zan to defeat him.

In the original manga/anime, Heart had no named special techniques and used his sheer weight and size to crush his enemies. However, his fighting style was embellished in the video games where he is a playable character, such as the Arc Systems fighting game and Hokuto Musou.


Earth Crash:


Biggu Ban

Big Bang(ビッグ・バン): Heart enlarges his stomach to unworldly proportions to fill up the screen with his skin. Anything covered within the flab of flesh is then quickly set on flames, as an explosion erupts. Heart reverts to his normal shape after the move, in one piece and sitting in a relaxed position. Localized as Heartbreaker in Ken's rage.

Big Hug:

Big Typhoon:

Dunk Receive:

Hāto Ai no Binta

Hāto Ai no Binta (ハート 愛のビンタ, Heart Love Slap): Heart enlarges one of his hands to gigantic size and performs a mighty slap on the ground in front of him. His hand returns to its normal size after the move's competition. The blow and the impact damages foes within range. Called Total eclipse of the Heart in Ken's Rage.

Hāto Beat

HeartBeat(ハートビート ): </span>A mighty slap of the ground with both hands. Sends nearby foes flying.

Hāto no A (, Heart's A):

Hāto Renki Tsuha (ハート練気通波 , Heart Invigorating Wave) Heart hunches over while sucking in air. As he rises, Heart emits a straight energy beam from his mouth forward.

Hofuku Setto (, Stomach Clutching Laughter): Heart grabs an opponent. As they struggle within his grasp, he folds and crunches them into a fetal position, curling them into a ball. He then inflates his stomach to send them reeling back in pain. If Heart is high enough in levels, this move can be a one-hit kill to anyone in the game.

Jintai Surooingu (, Human Body Throwing):

Kenpo Koroshi no Sugata

Kenpo Koroshi no Sugata (, Martial Art Killing Body): Heart inflates his stomach and dares his foes to attack him with everything they got. A multitude of weapons are thrown and stabbed into his belly, but Heart remains unharmed from the blows. He inflates his stomach a second time and the weapons in his belly become deadly projectiles to the foes within range. Localized as Destroyer of Fists in Ken's rage.

This move, while unnamed, originated in the Heart's introduction scene in the manga.

Kyouran no Satsujinsha (狂乱の殺人者, Frenzied Murderer): Heart surrounds himself within an aura and gains a momentary attack boost. Localized as BraveHeart in Ken's rage.

Megaton Press (メガトンプレス, Megaton Press): Heart powers up and hops his body into the air. He lands stomach first onto the ground below him, blowing anyone in his path away from him. This is a real wrestling technique and was used by Sabato in the anime.

Niku Danku (, Flesh Dunk):

Niku Kurosu (, Flesh Cross):

Notes Edit

  • Fat Generals in Hokuto Musō and its Shin Hokuto Muso use a weaker version of this style.
    • Based off this and Heart of Meet, it appears a large belly is required for this fighting style.
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