Hokuto Renkitōza

ADMIN NOTE: Ideally, I would like each of the Keiraku Hiko to have their own pages.

The human body has 708 Keiraku Hikō (経絡秘孔 Meridian Channel Hidden Points, also known as simply Hikō, tsubo or pressure points). These pressure points can destroy a person within. The Hikō can also be used to erase and restore memory, heal, neutralize poisons, paralyze, cripple, mind control, force to speak truth, prolong or shorten lifespan, increase or decrease physical strength and speed, and even can be used to revive someone freshly deceased. Hikō are used in the martial arts Hokuto Shinken, Seito Gekken, Hokuto Sonka Ken, Hokuto Soka Ken and its derivatives such as Gō no Ken, Jū no Ken, Hokumon no Ken and Hokuda Shin Ken. The Hokuto Ryu Ken counterpart is called Keiraku Hako.

In the anime, when Hikō are struck, electrical sparks emanate from the point of impact.

Kisha (気舎) Kenshiro Freezes body. Pilot 1 Yazaki
Hikkō Tōi.jpg
Tōi (頭維) or Shigō (四合) Kenshiro Two thumbs hit the temples; gives victim three seconds to feel remorse for one's sins before exploding. Chapter 2 Spade
Hikkō Zusetsu.jpg
Zusetsu (頭(せつ)) Kenshiro Below temples; erases memory. Chapter 5 Club's minion
Hikkō Meimon.jpg
Meimon (命門) Kenshiro Contracts muscles into snapping one's spine. Chapter 5 Club
Hikkō Meiken.jpg
Meiken (明見) Kenshiro Makes hands pull. Chapter 12 Major
Hikkō Teishin.jpg
Teishin (定神) Kenshiro Tranquilizer. Chapter 13 Rima
Hikkō Dōmei.jpg
Dōmei (瞳明) Kenshiro Takes eyesight. Chapter 16 Colonel
Hikkō Shin-ichi.jpg
Shin-ichi (新一) Kenshiro Forces one to speak. Chapter 22 Fox
Hikkō Shinfukumen.jpg
Shinfukumen (新伏免) Kenshiro Causes instant destruction upon movement. Chapter 29 Kiba Ichizoku
Hikkō Kyōnai.jpg
Kyōnai (頬肉) Kenshiro Locks jaws permenantly open. Chapter 33 Madara
Hikkō Daikyōkin.jpg
Daikyōkin (大胸筋) Kenshiro Makes body soft. Chapter 37 Kiba Daio
Hikkō Kenmei.jpg
Kenmei (建明) Kenshiro Restores eyesight. Chapter 38 Airi
Hikkō Kyosetsu2.jpg
Kyosetsu (拒節) Kenshiro Causes any weapon held in the affected hand to turn towards the attacker, and prevents the attacker from opening the affected hand. Chapter 43 Jagi
Senwankō (穿腕孔) Jagi Negates the effects of Kyosetsu, allowing the user to restore function in a hand afflicted by the aforementioned pressure point. Chapter 43 Jagi
Hikkō Ryūgan.jpg
Ryūgan (龍頷) Kenshiro Located on the chest; causes all the body's surface nerves to become hypersensitive. Chapter 44 Jagi
Hikkō Gekishinkō.jpg
Gekishinkō (激振孔) Amiba New pressure point discovered by Amiba greatly speeds up the heartbeat, causing blood vessels and the heart to burst. Chapter 49 Yu's father
Hikkō Sen-yō.jpg
Sen-yō (戦癰) Amiba New pressure point discovered by Amiba paralyzes opponent's body with their arms outstretched. Chapter 49 Kenshiro
Hikkō Shitsugen.jpg
Shitsugen (膝限) Kenshiro First makes people walk backwards and afterwards makes them explode. Chapter 51 Amiba
Hiko Zusho.jpg
Zushō (頭(しょう)) Kenshiro Below temple; interrogates. Chapter 59 Qasim
Hikkō Kensei.jpg
Kensei (牽正) Toki Contorts bodies with pleasure before death. Chapter 60 Ken-Oh Elite Guard
Hikkō Shinketsushū.jpg
Shinkesshū (新血愁) Raoh Causes an opponent's body to hemorrhage all of its blood for three days until death. Chapter 66 Rei
Hikkō Shintanchū.jpg
Shintanchū (新膻中) Toki Temporarily immobilizes one's body. Chapter 70 Kenshiro
Hikkō Kafutō.jpg
Kafutō (下扶突) and Keichū (頸中) Kenshiro Causes extreme pain Chapter 77 Dagarl
Hikkō Shinreidai.jpg
Shinreidai (心霊台) Toki Hidden point which extended Rei's lifespan for a day after enduring great pain. Chapter 79 Rei
Hikkō Jikyūkyō.jpg
Jikyūkyō (児鳩胸) Kenshiro Causes one to lose their sense of depth perception. Chapter 87 Beji and Giji
Hikkō Jinchūkyoku.jpg
Jinchūkyoku (人中極) Kenshiro One of the most destructive points on human body. Causes one's body to be destroyed in three seconds. Chapter 87 Souther
Hikkō Sekkatsu Kō (Raoh)manga.jpg
Sekkatsukō (刹活孔) Toki, Raoh, Kenshiro Grants one greater strength at the expense of a shorter lifespan. Chapter 104 Toki, Raoh, Falco
Hikkō Kyōmei.jpg
Kyōmei (鏡明) Raoh Hidden points located at the shoulders which causes one's hands to explode. Chapter 119 Juza
Hikkō Kaiamon Tenchō.jpg
Kaiamon Tenchō (解啞門天聴) Raoh, Yan Wang Causes great pain to an opponent who is withholding information. Chapter 120 Juza, Malraux
Hikkō Zenha.jpg
Zenha (喘破) Kenshiro Stops an opponent's breathing. Chapter 142 Geira
Hikkō Jōketsukai.jpg
Jōketsukai (上血海) Kenshiro Vital point used to disable right leg. Kenshiro used it on himself to fight Falco on equal terms. Chapter 154 Kenshiro
Hikkō Kaketsu.jpg
Kaketsu (戈穴) Kenshiro A vital point struck on a chest. Ineffective when cauterized. Chapter 157 Falco
Hikkō Shihōrin.jpg
Shihōrin (詞宝林) Kenshiro Allowed Kenshiro to read the Sanskrit writing in the Grand Holy Temple Chapter 200 Kenshiro
Hikkō Anbakukō.jpg
Anbakukō (安驀孔) Kenshiro Increases resistance to poisons. Kenshiro used it to eliminate the Sulfuric Absorbing Yellow Gas from his body. Chapter 206 Kenshiro
Hikkō Dankyochūketsu.jpg
Dankyochūketsu (断虚中穴) Kenshiro Causes entire body to explode. Anime (ep. 9) Patra's henchmen
Hikkō Kyōsei.jpg
Kyōsei (竅星) Kenshiro Immobilizes an opponent's arms. Anime (ep. 10) Patra's ninja
Hikkō Zenchō.jpg
Zenchō (前頂) Kenshiro Prevents an opponent's lung from exhaling. Similar to the Zenha. Anime (ep. 10) Dragon
Hikkō Jōkai.jpg
Jōkai (浄界) Kenshiro Restores eyesight. Similar to the Kenmei. Anime (ep. 11) Taki
Hikkō Gusoku.jpg
Gusoku (具足) Kenshiro Causes an opponent to walk against his will. Similar to the Shitsugen. Anime (ep. 14) Dante
Hikkō Teikaku.jpg
Teikaku (停覚) Kenshiro Immobilizes the opponent's body against his own will. Anime (ep. 18) Gorath
Hikkō Tōa.jpg
Tōa (頭亜) Kenshiro Causes an opponent to follow the user's instructions. Anime (ep. 19) Mahari
Hikkō Tōshinmeni.jpg
Tōshinmei (頭芯命) Jagi Causes its victim to shoot someone against his will. Failure to do so causes death. Anime (ep. 31) Mako
Kofu (考腐) Kenshiro Turns minions against their superior. Anime (ep. 34) Goum's goons
Unknown Kenshiro Cripples the victim's speed to 1/100th of a normal human's. Anime (ep. 34) Goum
Unknown Kenshiro Cripples the victim's strength to 1/100th of a normal human's. Anime (ep. 84) Glen
Hikkō Hyakkai.jpg
Hyakkai (百会) Kenshiro Once struck, it must be held or the opponent's head will explode. Anime (ep. 38) Targel
Hikkō Kokketsu.jpg
Kokketsu (黒詰) Kenshiro Causes pain when the opponent refuses to be interrogated. Similar to the Kaiamon Tenchō. Anime (ep. 53) Yuda's Minion
Hikkō Suishō.jpg
Suishō (錐樵) Kenshiro First creates an odor which attracts flesh-eating crows and afterwards makes victim explode. Anime (ep. 75) Sabato
Keisetsu (頚接) Kenshiro Prevents winking. Anime (ep. 86) Kogure
Hikkō Ringa.jpg
Ringa (輪雅) Kenshiro Causes opponent to commit suicide. Anime (ep. 93) Jemoni
Unknown Kenshiro Causes blindness. Anime (ep. 129), Manga (ch. 177) Han
Hikkō Gakuchū.jpg
Gakuchū (額中) Kenshiro, Seiji Caves in head and causes explosion New Fist of the North Star (OVA 1,3) Geese, Chess
Ōchū (王柱) Sāra Healing vital point Jubaku no Machi Old Man
Hikkō Aketsushū.jpg
Aketsushū (亜血愁) Sāra Healing vital point New Fist of the North Star (OVA 1) Tobi
Hikkō Tsuishin.jpg
Tsuishin (椎神) Sāra Stops movement New Fist of the North Star (OVA 2) Seiji
Hikkō Heiketsushū.jpg
Heiketsushū (閉血愁) Seiji Stops heart New Fist of the North Star (OVA 3) Seiji
Hikkō Jōgaku.jpg
Jōgaku (上顎) Kenshiro,

Kenshiro Kasumi

Located at the upper jaw and used for interrogation Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 14, New Fist of the North Star (OVA 2) Jisi
Hikkō Tōmonketsu Hashisō(manga).jpg
Tōmonketsu Hashisō (当門穴破指挿) Kenshiro Kasumi Breaks all the bones in one's body Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 19 Goran
Hikkō Bōshin (manga).jpg
Bōshin (忘神) Kenshiro Kasumi Restores memories Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 48 Sophie
Hikkō Fūgan.jpg
Fūgan (風巌) Kenshiro Kasumi Makes the enemy submissive Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 63 Horse Bandit
Hikkō Zenchi.jpg
Zenchi (全知) Kenshiro Kasumi Forces opponent to drink. Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 68 Pu the Mole
Hikkō Kishō.jpg
Kishō (鬼床) Kenshiro Kasumi Causes an opponent's teeth to fall out Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 91 Zhang Army Officer
Hikkō Daishi Kōkon.jpg
Daishi Kōkon (大指甲根) Kenshiro Kasumi Causes intense pain to the victim when he tries to yell Fist of the Blue Sky Chapter 101 Zhang Lieshan
Hirai Kō (manga).jpg
Hirai Kō (秘雷孔) Zhang Taiyan Pu the Mole
Kushin Datsumei (manga).jpg
Kushin Datsumei (九神奪命) Zhang Taiyan Mind controls a victim Chu Yongjin
Shihakotsu (死破骨) Yasaka Yasaka
Hikkō Shidōketsu.jpg
Shidōketsu (止動穴) Raoh Causes the opponent's body to be paralyzed for a moment. Ten no Haoh Anime (ep. 12) Souther