Jugai 01
Jugai, as he appears in Kenshirō Den.
Name in Kanji ジュガイ
Name in Romaji Jugai
Fighting Style Nanto Koshū Ken
Family Fūgen (sifu)
Position(s) Warlord
Appearances Kenshirō Den
Voice actor(s) Rikiya Koyama
Jugai (ジュガイ, Jugai)
Jugai was a practitioner of Nanto Koshū Ken, who was trained alongside Shin by the former master, Fugen. He was said to be of equal fighting ability to Shin.
He succumbed to madness after his wife and child were killed by bandits and formed an army to conquer the wasteland. When he invaded the slave town, Gesso City, he fought against Kenshiro but was soon defeated. In his final moments, Jugai rewarded Kenshiro with the remote detonator which Siska used to control the city, and vowed to watch Kenshiro's destiny from the depths of hell.


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