Joker, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ジョーカー
Name in Romaji Jōkā
Fighting Style Nanto Shōten Ken
Allegiance(s) Shin
Family Unknown
Position(s) KING's Staff Officer
Appearances Anime (ep. 4-21)
Voice actor(s) Shigeru Chiba
Richard Cansino (dub)
Joker (ジョーカー, Jōkā)
Joker is Shin's primary henchman in the TV series. He served as the staff officer of the KING gang and was a master of the Nanto Shōten Ken style. He was a master illusionist, who also carried unlimited throwing cards which were strong enough to cut through stone. Joker also had a pet hawk, which could lift him away whenever he needed to escape.

Anime Edit

His main role was to report Kenshiro's latest activities to Shin and carry orders to Shin's subordinate gangs on his behalf. When Balcom claimed that he and his men had successfully killed Kenshiro, Joker was dubious and visited the site of the battle to find Kenshiro's body. When Joker discovered that Kenshiro was still alive and well, he challenged him to one final battle. Kenshiro outfoxed Joker and used the Hokuto Zankai Ken technique on him. Faced with being Kenshiro's messenger to Shin, Joker declined and chose death instead.


  • Joker can be compared to The Joker from the Batman series, since both are antagonists, dress in purple, have green hair, & sometimes fight with cards.
  • Joker's image appeared during the finale of the anime, with Kenshiro's other fallen friends and foes. Joker is one of the few anime only characters to be given this honor.


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