Hokuto Renkitōza
Hokuto no Ken - Violence Gekiga Adventure
Hokuto no Ken (PC-88 cover).jpg
Developer(s) Enix
Publisher(s) Enix
Platform(s) NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, FM7, X1
Release date(s) Flag of JapanMay 1986
Genre(s) Adventure
Media 2 floppy disk
System requirements Keyboard
Input methods 1 player

Hokuto no Ken - Violence Gekiga Adventure (北斗の拳 バイオレンス劇画アドベンチャー?) is a graphic adventure game that was released for Japanese home computers by Enix on May 1986, making it the very first video game based on the Hokuto no Ken franchise. It was released for the NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, FM7 and X1.

The game's story is loosely based on the Southern Cross story arc from the original manga. The objective is to help Kenshiro and Bat infiltrate the city of Southern Cross and defeat Shin. As with most adventure games, the player must navigate Ken and Bat through a menu-based command system that will allow them to obtain vital items that will lead them to their ultimate goal. Additionally, Kenshiro must also confront Shin's various underlings throughout the course of the story. The fighting sequences uses a so-called "vital point system" (秘孔システム) in which an enemy can only be defeated by striking specific vital points. The player must search for information or clues that will help them figure out the weak spots of each enemy.


The King Army (Villains)
  • Shin
  • Spade
  • Diamond
  • Club
  • Heart
  • Eyepatch (アイパッチ, Aipatchi, game original)
  • Jack (ジャック, Jakku, a renamed version of Zeed)
  • Kong (コング, Kongu, game original)

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