Hokuto no Ken: Kanzenban (北斗の拳 完全版, lit. "Complete Edition") is a collected edition of the manga that was published by Shogakukan under the Big Comics Selection imprint in 2006. It was notably the first collected edition that faithfully reproduced all the colored artwork from the original Weekly Shōnen Jump serials, which were reprinted only in grayscale in previous editions. It also retains the opening pages and spreads for every chapter, many of which were omitted or used for different chapters in the Jump Comics edition. However, because the Kanzenban edition tries to be more accurate to the serialized version of manga, it omits most of the additional art that was present in the Jump Comics edition that were used to fill in gaps between chapter breaks or ad space. Each volume also includes a mini-poster featuring spread art from the Weekly Jump serials.

It was later succeed by the Kyūkyokuban edition in 2013.


Vol. Release date ISBN
01 2006-01-30 ISBN 4-09-180240-0
02 2006-01-30 ISBN 4-09-180243-5
03 2006-02-28 ISBN 4-09-180267-2
04 2006-02-28 ISBN 4-09-180268-0
05 2006-03-15 ISBN 4-09-180280-X
06 2006-03-15 ISBN 4-09-180308-3
07 2006-04-27 ISBN 4-09-180517-5
08 2006-04-27 ISBN 4-09-180518-3
09 2006-05-30 ISBN 4-09-180536-1
10 2006-06-30 ISBN 4-09-180564-7
11 2006-07-28 ISBN 4-09-180762-3
12 2006-08-30 ISBN 4-09-180763-1
13 2006-09-29 ISBN 4-09-180776-3
14 2006-10-30 ISBN 4-09-181008-X

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