Hokuto no Ken - Hokuto Shinken Denshōsha no Michi
Developer(s) Spike
Publisher(s) Spike
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s) Flag of JapanFebruary 14, 2008
Genre(s) Vital point striking simulator
Mode(s) 2 players multicard
Rating(s) CERO: A
Media Game card
Input methods Touch screen

Hokuto no Ken - Hokuto Shinken Denshōsha no Michi (北斗の拳 ~北斗神拳伝承者の道~Fist of the North Star: The Path of the Hokuto Shinken Successor?) is a video game released by Spike for the Nintendo DS on February 14, 2008 in Japan. Advertised as a "vital point striking" action game, the player takes control of Kenshiro and must use the DS's touch screen to strike the vital points of adversaries to defeat them. The game's graphics consists entirely of colorized panel art from the original manga. The story mode consists of 22 chapters and adapts the manga's storyline from the beginning and up to the conclusion of Raoh saga. Other game modes includes a Battleship-style Versus Mode between two players, a Quiz mini-game, and a database of characters and famous lines from the manga. Akira Kamiya and Kenji Utsumi both return to provide their voices as Kenshiro and Raoh, with Shigeru Chiba as the narrator as well.

Game modesEdit

The Path of the Hokuto Shinken Successor (北斗神拳伝承者の道, Hokuto Shinken Denshōsha no Michi)
Vital Point Striking Battle (秘孔突き対戦, Hikō Tsuki Taisen)
Character Illustration Guide (キャラクター図鑑, Kyarakutā Zuka)
The Hundred Questions of Hokuto (北斗百裂問, Hokuto Hyakuretsu Mon)
Famous Lines Cards (名台詞カード, Mei Serifu Kādo)


  • Chapter 1: "A Cry From the Heart" (第1話 「心の叫び」)
  • Chapter 2: "Southern Cross!!" (第2話 「サザンクロス!!」)
  • Chapter 3: "Godland" (第3話 「ゴッドランド」)
  • Chapter 4: "To the Depths of Hell" (第4話 「地獄の果てまで」)
  • Chapter 5: "Kiba Clan" (第5話 「牙一族」)
  • Chapter 6: "Say My Name!" (第6話 「オレの名をいってみろ!」)
  • Chapter 7: "The Fake Genius" (第7話 「偽りの天才!」)
  • Chapter 8: "The City of Wailing Demons" (第8話 「鬼の哭く街!」)
  • Chapter 9: "An Ominous Star Explodes" (第9話 「凶星炸裂」)
  • Chapter 10: "The Man From Nanto" (第10話 「南斗の漢!」)
  • Chapter 11: "The Destiny of the Justice Star" (第11話 「義星の宿命!」)
  • Chapter 12: "The Red Fangs of the Enchantment Star" (第12話 「妖星の赤き牙!」)
  • Chapter 13: "The Furious Nanto" (第13話 「狂乱の南斗」)
  • Chapter 14: "Because of Love" (第14話 「愛深きゆえに!」)
  • Chapter 15: "Aim for the Heavens" (第15話 「天を目指して!」)
  • Chapter 16: "A Fated Rival!" (第16話 「宿命の強敵!」)
  • Chapter 17: "A Sad Mad Wolf" (第17話 「悲しき魔狼!」)
  • Chapter 18: "The Goshasei Arrives!" (第18話 「五車星現る!」)
  • Chapter 19: "An Offering to the Devil King" (第19話 「魔王への生贄」)
  • Chapter 20: "The Last General of Nanto" (第20話 「南斗最後の将!」)
  • Chapter 21: "Farewell My Rival!" (第21話 「さらば強敵よ!」)
  • Chapter 22: "A Life Without Regret" (第22話 「生涯無悔!」)

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