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Check out the HNK pentalogy!
The classic Anime.
Who is Kenshiro?

Check out the HNK pentalogy!

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The classic Anime.

Check out the first anime of Hokuto no Ken!

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Who is Kenshiro?

The man with the Seven Scars.

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Check out the HNK pentalogy!
The classic Anime.
Who is Kenshiro?


The Story

Set in a post apocalyptic world where the Earth is barren and the strong survive by preying on the weak, the series follows the journey of Kenshiro, the 64th successor of Hokuto Shin Ken (北斗神拳 "Divine Fist of the North Star"), an ancient 1,800 year-old secret martial arts style that allows its practitioner to destroy an opponent's body from within by striking into their secret channeling points, often resulting in a violent and gruesome death. Kenshiro uses his skills to protect the weak and innocent against the numerous villains that threaten their survival.


The manga was adapted into two animated television series produced by Toei Animation. The original series, simply titled Hokuto no Ken (北斗の拳), lasted 109 episodes, which aired on Fuji TV from 11 October 1984 to 5 March 1987, adapting the first 136 chapters of the original manga. A sequel series, Hokuto no Ken 2, took over the previous series' time slot and lasted 43 episodes, airing from 12 March 1987 to 18 February 1988, which adapts chapters 137 to 210 (the remainder of the manga was not adapted).

In 2005, North Stars Pictures and TMS Entertainment announced the production of a planned five part Hokuto no Ken film series titled Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu (真救世主伝説, "True Saviour Legend"). The films are both, remakes of and supplemental stories to the original manga series, and introduces a new supporting character in the form of Reina (whose character designs were contributed by City Hunter's Tsukasa Hojo). The film series is composed of three feature films and two OVA movies released between them. The films use a different cast of seiyu than the older anime series, with Hiroshi Abe (Kenshiro), Takashi Ukaji (Raoh), Kou Shibasaki (Reina) and Yuriko Ishida (Yuria) in the lead roles. The new movies have yet to be licensed for an English adaptation, although Italian and French versions have already been released.

For more characters, go to the List of Hokuto no Ken characters.

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Kenshiro (Ken for short) is the main character of the Hokuto no Ken manga, anime and related media. He is the 64th successor of the Hokuto Shinken style and considered one of the greatest successors in its 1800 year history. Originally an orphan from Taiseiden, Shura and a descendent of the Hokuto Sōke bloodline. He was sent to the mainland by Jukei as a baby to be adopted by Ryuken, master of Hokuto Shinken. Ryuken named him after his older brother Kenshirō Kasumi, since they shared the same Big Dipper-shaped birthmark on their heads.


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