Hokuto Sōke no Ken (北斗宗家の拳, North Dipper Head Family Fist, North Dipper Originator Fist): The original martial art of the Hokuto Sōke line.


  • Toki Ranso ( 闘気乱層 , Battle Spirit Wild Layer): A technique used only in the TV series. It creates the shape of the Big Dipper and neutralizes Kaioh's Anryū Gyakugeki Ha attack.
  • Joma Kosho ( 擾摩光掌 , Agitated Scouring Light Palm): A glowing-arm slash. Used by Hyoh and Kaioh.
  • Manju Maon Ken ( 万手魔音拳 , Ten-Thousand Hand Demon Sound Fist): A series of rapid hand-thrusts used by Hyō.
  • Seimyo Danretsu ( 凄妙弾列 , Horribly-Unusual Bullet Train): A rapid-hand attack used by Kaioh.
  • Yusho Seibu
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