Hokuto Sōke (北斗宗家)

A ruling family dynasty in the ancient Land of Asura, they served as "a shield to the Tentei. When times became turbulent two millennia ago, the head priests decided a savior was needed. The Hokuto Sōke sisters Ōka and Shume gave birth to sons on the same day, Ryūō and Shuken (respectively). The priests decreed that there could be but one Denshōsha and that the two babies be placed on the holy Kōtendai (降天台) mountain dais and that the heavens would decide which child is to survive. Shume disobeyed and rescued Shuken, revealing that she was dying. Ōka agreed to allow Shuken to succeed if Ryūō would be allowed to live, giving her own life as payment. Shuken went on to create Hokuto Shin Ken and his descendants were considered Hokuto Sōke, while Ryūō's were forgotten to history.
The Hokuto Sōke posses a unique Tōshin (闘神 war god) aura; Kenshirō and Hyō both have shown to posses it.
Several of the Hokuto Sōke are shown to have a Big Dipper-shaped birthmark on their heads. Ryūō, Kenshirō Kasumi, Kaiō, and Kenshirō are all shown to have it.

Hokuto Sōke

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