Hokuto Sōka Ken (北斗曹家拳, North Dipper Cáo Family Fist)


Bakuryū Yōen Totsu JJ

Bakuryū Yōen Totsu (爆龍陽炎突, Exclaiming Dragon Daytime Blaze Void):

Chōki Kokyū Jutsu (Zhāng Tài-Yán)

Chōki Kokyū Jutsu (調気呼吸術, Character Spirit Respiration Art):

Daten Shō JJ

Daten Shō (堕天掌, Fallen Heaven Palm):

Genmu Hyakki Kyaku JJ

Genmu Hyakki Kyaku (幻夢百奇脚, Phantasm Hundred Strange Leg):

Muei Kyaku JJ

Muei Kyaku (無影脚, Shadowless Kick):

  • Kiken : A technique where's one concentration and reflexes are pushed to the limit in order to anticipate an opponent's movements. With practice, it's practitioner can learn to dodge projectiles subconsciously, purely by reflex.
Kushin Datsumei (manga)

Kushin Datsumei

  • Kushin Datsumei (九神奪命, Nine Spirits Life Stealer): The user penetrates the skull of their opponent with their finger touching their brain and being able to control their mind.
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