Hokuto Ryū Ken  (北斗琉拳, Big Dipper Lapis Lazuli Fist), also known as Hokuto Ryūka Ken (北斗劉家拳, Big Dipper Liu Family Fist) is a 1800 year old martial art from the Land of Asura. Its founder was Ryūō of the ancient Hokuto Sōke ruling line. This martial art makes use of the opponents 1109 Keiraku Hakō pressure points. This martial art is known as an evil martial art; its use of Matōki aura can drive the practitioner insane with evil, turning them into a Majin (魔神, God of Black Magic). The ultimate Hokuto Ryuken technique is Anryū Tenha which levitates a person in the air and completely disorients them. After Kaioh's death, the art is forever lost.

The art is also seen to be borderline sorcery as it shown that some technique requires incantation to perform.


Hokuto Ryūken is another rival style of Hokuto Shin Ken introduced during the latter half of the manga. Hokuto Ryūken is a branch of the original Hokuto family that was formed alongside Hokuto Shin Ken in the Land of Asura. The Hokuto Ryūken style utilizes 1109 points of the Keiraku Hakō (経絡破孔, lit. "Destructive Meridian Points"), in contrast to the 708 Keiraku Hikō points of the Shin Ken style.

The exact differences between the Ryūken style's hakō points and the Shin Ken style's hikō points are never fully explained. The users of Hokuto Ryūken are taught to fight with their "demonic fighting spirit" (魔闘気, matōki), driving them insane with madness. In the TV series, it is revealed that Hokuto Ryūken was founded by Shuken's cousin Ryūō of the Hokuto Sōke bloodline, the ancestor of Kaioh, Raoh and Toki. Hokuto Ryūken is also featured in Souten no Ken, where it is revealed that it was once known as Hokuto Ryūka Ken, one of the three subordinate branches of Hokuto Shin Ken (Hokuto Sanka Ken). It is revealed that if the conflict for succession claims all the heirs to Hokuto Shin Ken, a successor is chosen from the school of Hokuto Ryūka Ken. Because of this, the master of Hokuto Ryūka Ken must approve all successors to Hokuto Shin Ken and the battle between the two schools must take place in front of the Holy Mother Statue (聖母像, Seibozō) at the fictionalized Tài Shèng Yuàn (泰聖院 Taiseiin) Temple in Ningbo (the Hokuto Ryūka Ken ancestors are also buried at its cemetery). At the time of Souten no Ken Liú Zōng-Wǔ is Hokuto Ryū Ken's successor.


㊙ = "Ōgi" Secret technique


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