Hokumon no Ken (北門の拳, "Fist of the North Gate"): Featured prominently in the novel Jubaku no Machi and the OVA New Fist of the North Star, Hokumon no Ken is a 400 year-old style created by a former Hokuto Shin Ken student who failed to become successor. It is used by the Clifflanders.


Nishi Mukū Ha (二指無空把, Two-Finger Void Grasp): The Hokumon equivalent of Nishi Shinkū Ha; the user catches an arrow in mid-air with two fingers and sends it flying straight back at the opponent.

Sōshin Ittai

Sōshin Ittai (双身一体], Two Bodies Combined): A combination attack where one fighter shields himself behind the other in order to read the opponent's attack and counter it.

Tenki Shō (Hokumon)

Tenki Ken (天帰拳, Return to Heaven Fist): The Hokumon equivalent of Tenki Sho; the right fist against palm stance; used to signal an honorable match.