Hakka (tennohaoh)
Hakka, as he appears in Ten no Haoh.
Name in Kanji ハッカ
Name in Romaji Hakka
Fighting Style Nanto Hien Ken
Allegiance(s) Souther
Position(s) Member of the Holy Emperor's Army
Appearances Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Kenji Nomura
Hakka (ハッカ, Hakka)
Appearing in Ten no Haoh, a member of the Holy Emperor's army and master of Nanto Hien Ken (南斗飛燕拳, South Dipper Swallow Fist) along with Riron. The two of them halt Ken-Oh's progress into the south and attack him together but they are defeated by Raoh's Enshō Ha technique.


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