Gyaran, as he appears in the video-game.
Name in Kanji ギャラン
Name in Romaji '
Fighting Style Nanto Gashō Ken
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Souther (father)
Zaki (younger sister)
Position(s) The Lone Pole Star of Nanto
Appearances Hokuto no Ken (Banpresto)
Voice actor(s) Nobuyuki Hiyama
Gyaran (ギャラン)
The orphaned son of Souther, the Holy Emperor, as well as the founder of Nanto Gashō Ken (南斗牙猩拳, South Dipper Fanged Oragutan Fist). He draws his fangs at Hokuto Shinken in an era where the dignity of Nanto is once again thrown away, being worshiped as a second fiddle to Hokuto. He dies buried in order to save Kenshirō and Zaki from a crumbling temple.
His character is based on Souther.
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