Günther, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ギュンター
Name in Romaji Gyuntā
Alternate spelling(s) Gunther
Fighting Style Spear
Allegiance(s) Ryuga
Position(s) Subordinate of Ryuga
Appearances Anime (ep. 74)
Voice actor(s) Yuji Mikimoto
Günther (ギュンター, Gyuntā)
A subordinate of Ryuga, he only appears in the TV series. Like Garou, he wishes for his master to gain supremacy for himself instead of serving Ken-Oh. He supervises the villages that are left under Ryuga's control, ruling them through fear and intimidation, as per Raoh's orders.
When Raoh and Ryuga return to check on his progress, Günther is told that he will be relieved of his duties and replaced by Raoh's men. Günther withdraws reluctantly when he learns this is a direct order from Ryuga.
Günther and his men launch an ambush against Raoh. Ryuga curses his foolishness and intervenes, killing his underling and forcing the rest of the troops to flee.