Goum, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ゴウム
Name in Romaji Goumu
Fighting Style Enhanced speed
Allegiance(s) Amiba
Position(s) Leader of Amiba's Doll Hunters
Appearances Anime (ep. 34)
Voice actor(s) Yusaku Yara, Richard Epcar (English)
Goum (ゴウム, Goumu)
Named only in the TV series, Goum was a minion of Amiba (the false Toki) who was granted super speed by his master's knowledge of Hokuto Shinken. He was in charge of finding human 'dolls' for Amiba's vital point experiments. Goum brings a heavyweight boxer to Amiba to try and test him but the man does not survive the process.
He tracked Kenshiro down to the town of Gobia, where Kenshiro had just captured Habu. Kenshiro defeats his men and strikes them with the kōfu (考腐) vital point, turning them on Goum, who was unable to escape as Kenshiro had also crippled his speed to 1/100th of a normal man. Goum was stabbed in the back by his men before all of them exploded.


  • In the manga, a nameless goon resembling Goum helps Habu restrain the boxer. He isn't seen again after being knocked aside by the heavyweight.