Glen, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji グレン
Name in Romaji Guren
Fighting Style Unknown
Allegiance(s) David
Position(s) David's Killing Machine
Appearances Anime (ep. 84)
Voice actor(s) Yuji Mikimoto
Glen (グレン, Guren)
A powerful brute who was raised by David to be a killing machine. He wore a special suit to regulate his power and displayed his superhuman strength by crushing the villagers who tried to leave the Ken-Oh recruitment camp. When Kenshiro infiltrated the camp, the two of them fought, but despite Glen's power giving him the initial edge, Kenshiro defeated him by reducing his strength to the 1/100 of what he originally had. However, Kenshiro takes pity on Glen for being manipulated by David and talks him into giving up his violent ways. David then has Glen killed by arrows for his failure.



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