Giru Hān
Gill Harn (manga)
Gill, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ギル・ハーン
Name in Romaji Giru Hān
Alternate spelling(s) Gill Hurn
Fighting Style Nanto Sōyō Ken
Family Buzz Harn (brother)
Position(s) Martial artist
Appearances Manga (ch. 145-160), Anime (ep. 114-116)
Voice actor(s) Yū Shimaka
Keisuke Baba (Shin Hokuto Musou)
Gill Harn (ギル・ハーン, Giru Hān)
Together with his brother, Buzz (バズ, Bazu) , Gill makes up the infamous Harn Bros., two dangerous fighters who were captured by the bounty hunter Ein through luck and wit (ironically they would later be released by Ein and Kenshirō).
They are masters of Nanto Sōyō Ken (南斗双鷹拳, "South Dipper Twin Hawk Fist"), a double-team style which focuses on combined aerial attacks, and they hold a grudge against Falco for killing several Nanto masters. They fight Falco together in the name of Nanto but are easily defeated. After Buzz sacrifices himself with the nuclear mortar, Gill joins the Hokuto Army and is seen carrying Ein's dead body later in the series before being phased out of the story.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, Buzz is speared to death by Falco's men before he can detonate the mortar. Gill charges through the crowd of soldiers to his brother's side and causes the explosion himself, losing his life. Gill is therefore replaced by a generic male character during Ein's death-scene.



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