Hokuto Renkitōza
Falco's Gento Kō Ken

Gento Kō Ken (元斗皇拳, "Imperial Fist of the Original Dipper") is a style created to protect the Tentei (天帝, "Heavenly Emperor"), a position held by Lin's twin sister Lui at the time of the series. Their symbol is the Tenteisei (天帝星, "Celestial Emperor Star"), also known as the Taikyoku-sei (大極星, Polaris). The Gento style focuses on use of ki energy, usually projected outwards as a blast or sometimes as a shield. It uses ki like a blade to destroy the opponent's body on a cellular level. Its successors are based on and ranked by colors, its prominent successor being Falco the Gold.

According to Falco, the martial art can undo the cause of the damage by the Hokuto Shinken's pressure point attacks at the cellular level, making the practitioner immune to pressure point strikes. However, only an extremely powerful practitioner like Falco has access to this technique.


㊙ = Ōgi (secret technique)