Gades, as he appears in Kenshirō Den.
Name in Kanji ガデス
Name in Romaji Gadesu
Fighting Style Melee weapons
Allegiance(s) Jinia, later Jugai
Position(s) Former slave/Bandit
Appearances Kenshirō Den
Voice actor(s) Tetsu Inada
Gades (ガデス, Gadesu)
A slave of Jinia, called "The Bear Killer", who is entered into the slave arena at Gesso City to fight Kenshiro. Kenshiro mocks his strength, giving him the title "Bear cub Killer" and defeats him while still recovering from his seven wounds. When Jugai and his army attacks the city, Gades joins the invasion but this time Kenshiro shows him no mercy.


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