Fist of the North Star: Master Edition was an edition of the manga published by Gutsoon! Entertainment from 2003 to 2004. It was produced specifically for the English language market and featured fully colorized artwork. The content for the first three volumes were roughly identical to the corresponding volumes in the original Jump Comics editions, but from Volume 4 and onward they started featuring less chapters. To compensate for this, every volume from Volume 4 featured new cover illustrations by Tetsuo Hara made specifically for this edition, along with other additional content such character profiles and original art from the manga's serialization. However, due to Gutsoon!'s withdrawal from the publishing business, the series suddenly ceased publication at the ninth volume. A solicitation was released for Volume 10, which was never published.

A Japanese language version of the Master Edition was also published by Coamix (Gutsoon!'s parent conpany), but this version also ceased publication early, with only four volumes published.

List of volumesEdit

Volume Release date ISBN Chapters
01 2003-01-28 ISBN 0-9725037-0-6 1-8
02 2003-02-25 ISBN 0-9725037-1-4 9-17
03 2003-03-18 ISBN 0-9725037-2-2 18-26
04 2003-05-14 ISBN 0-9725037-3-0 27-34
05 2003-07-26 ISBN 0-9725037-4-9 35-42
06 2003-11-11 ISBN 0-9725037-5-7 43-50
07 2003-11-25 ISBN 1-932454-11-X 51-58
08 2004-02-18 ISBN 1-932454-20-9 59-66
09 2004-05-19 ISBN 1-932454-27-6 67-74
10 Unpublished ISBN 1-932454-36-5 N/A