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In an anime that is adapted from a manga series, filler generally refers to story content created specifically for that media that was not originally in the source material. This content often introduces original characters, but will generally not affect the main storyline following its conclusion. This most commonly occurs in ongoing anime adapted from a manga series when there is not enough source material ahead of time to be adapted into anime.

Clip shows also are another type of cheap filler, often used when a TV series is behind schedule or having budget problems.

Certain anime series will often have a different ending to the manga's if the manga's run outlasts the production run of its anime. In terms of broadcast original media, filler can also refer to episodes or arcs that break up the continuing storyline, or small insignificant scenes that add to an episode's length.

Hokuto no Ken TV series

Shin Arc

  • Episode 5: Everything except the flashback and Kenshiro striking the man with Zusetsu.
  • Episodes 9-10
  • 14-16
  • 17: Everything except the scene where Shin kicks through the giant bandit.
  • 18-20
  • 21: Shin's battle with Balcom is based on Kenshiro's battle with Baiken Kinbu.

Fuun Ryuko Hen

  • 38 - With the exception of the scene of the Sūzan Tsūhi Ken master.
  • 41 - Clip show until Zarqa and Qasim show up at the end
  • 53 - Except when Yuda kills Dagarl at the end
  • 57 - Clip show until Rei's death at the end

Ransei Hado Hen

  • 58 - Mostly filler, except for the origin of the Nanto Rokusei Ken
  • 61
  • 75 - Except at the end of the episode where Ryuga challenges Kenshiro which ends in a draw and he reveals himself to be Yuria's older brother
  • 78 - Everything except the very beginning is a clip show
  • 79-82 - Clip shows

Final Chapter

  • 83
  • 84
  • 86
  • 91 - Up until the ending where the General reveals herself to Juza.
  • 98 - Clip show with filler scene of the Four Brothers training.
  • 105 - Clip show
  • 109 - Clip show

Hokuto no Ken 2


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