Dharma, as he appears in Yuria Den.
Name in Kanji ダーマ
Name in Romaji Dāma
Fighting Style Nanto Sei Ken
Allegiance(s) Yuria
Family Yuria (successor)
Position(s) Yuria's former guardian & predecessor
Appearances Manga (ch.133, unnamed)
Yuria Den
Voice actor(s) Yusaku Yara

Dharma (ダーマ, Dāma)
The Last Nanto General prior to Yuria who appears in Yuria Den. He also served as Yuria and Ryuga's guardian when they were children. He once took young Yuria to the Hokuto dojo, in an attempt to trigger emotion in her.
Years later, he was reunited with Yuria in order to pass on the mantle of Last Nanto General, moments before dying of an unknown illness.


  • Dharma is a Sanskrit phrase meaning 'Eternal Law' in Hinduism & Buddhism.
  • In the TV anime, his role is effectively taken by Rihaku.


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